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Life Letters offers a range of DNA tests that provide insights into your health - helping you make informed health decisions.

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Tiny Letters

Are you planning on having children one day?

It’s important to know your carrier status if you're looking to have a family.
Tiny Letters is the most comprehensive carrier test available in Australia. It covers 149 common and important recessive and x-linked disorders.

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Overall, I’d recommend this test to any couples looking to conceive. Read more >

Alana Smith, Tiny Letters customer

I really appreciated the opportunities, following receiving the report and taking some time to process the information fully. Thank you very much.

Tiny Letters customer

Our tests are conducted at home using only saliva

You can order one of our tests online today. We'll then send you a test kit to complete in the comfort of your home.

Once you send the tube back, we'll process your sample and have one of our medical staff contact you with the result.

It's as simple as that.

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To understand how your body works, we peek at its blueprint

In every cell of your body is a copy of your unique DNA - a long instruction set that provides a blueprint for your body. By reading your "instructions" we can understand and predict how your body works.

DNA testing provides a greater level of understanding than ever before

Life Letters is an Australian genetics company wanting to responsibly bring genetic testing to the general public. We believe that through genetics people can gain a greater understanding of their own bodies and make informed decisions about their health and the health of their families.

No ulterior motives

We sell our tests at a reasonable price so we don't need to subsidise the test through other means. In other words, we will never distribute or sell your data, at least not without your explicit consent.

Seek guidance and opinions

We appreciate that genetics raises a lot of ethical, legal and emotional questions. To help us deliver this form of testing in a responsible manner, we have put together an advisory board with some of the most influential minds in healthcare, science and genetics.

Well recognised science

We only offer tests that are based on independent, evidence based research recognised by leading bodies, such as The Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium.